Harness the Power of Your Weaknesses

Harness the Power of Your Weaknesses

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Photo by Nancy Dye

What if your weaknesses are really your best strengths?

Which bridle path are you riding? (This is such an easy “tweak.”) What if your “bad traits” were actually the keys to your success? Get your brain running on the bridle path that is going in the RIGHT direction … the one to victory! Change your focus and re-channel the power of that energy:

Rebellious and hate to do what you’re told or what everyone else is doing? Rebel against your rebelliousness.

Stubborn? Then use it to refuse to give up on achieving your goals.

Demanding? Instead of being demanding on others, demand more of yourself! 

Judgmental of others? Hold yourself to higher standards instead!

Procrastinator? Drag your feet, put them on the bottom of your list, and procrastinate on those distractions or less important things to do.

Fearful? Become fearful about NOT overcoming your fears!

Angry and Always Picking a Fight? Choose the right battle; fight your adversity!

Lack of confidence? Have zero belief and confidence that the “old you” will prevail and keep you stuck!



Nancy Dye is an equestrian breakthrough mindset coach and resilience trainer helping people to transform their riding and the quality of their lifestyles.

Nancy is a strategic interventionist trained by the official coach training program of Tony Robbins, and she has created a unique and powerful system for applying these techniques (as well as her own) to be used by equestrians in all disciplines. The results are consistently rapid, powerful, and lasting.

Nancy has over 30 years as a change agent; shifting people into peak performance. She specializes in solving the puzzle of why riders are not performing at their best and customizing the right strategy for “jumping over” adversity. She handles all areas of a person’s lifestyle to include relationships, career, physical fitness and health, and transitioning through life stages.

With a past career in corporate sales and as a luxury lifestyle Realtor, Nancy has been coached by some the top sales trainers in the corporate world, as well as by some of the most elite coaches in the world of sports. Nancy redesigns the inner lives of athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and elite military and veterans.

Nancy is married to Jack Miles, a former Olympian gymnast who is inducted into four athletic Hall of Fames. For one-on-one coaching or information on her workshops or riding clinics, Nancy can be reached at NancyDyeResults@gmail.com.

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